Youth Baseball and Softball program, boys and girls ages 4 to 18 years old.

Sponsored By:   South Bay Sports Training

Refund Policy – Letter of Withdrawal (Print webpage and mail or drop off at Flickinger Park dropbox)
The registration fee is a donation towards the operation of North Valley Little League a non-profit organization. The following is North Valley's refund policy of the registration fee. All other funds received from fundraisers, sponsorships, etc…are not refundable.
In order to receive any refund a letter of withdrawal must be submitted to North Valley Little League. No refunds will be processed without this letter.
Amount of refund will be based on the situation listed below.
A player, who resigns, quits or is loss for the season due to injury:

  • Prior to being assigned a team a $25 administrative fee will be charged and the remaining balance will be refunded.
  • There will be no refund of the registration fee after a player has been assigned a team.

Letter of Withdrawal:
Mail letter to: NVLL, PO Box 612653, San Jose CA 95161 or drop off at Flickinger Park mail drop box.
Player name: _______________________________________________ Team: _________________________
Parent/Guardian name: _______________________________________ Phone: _________________________
Reason for withdrawal:
Signature: ________________________________________________ Today’s Date:_____________________
Make refund check payable to:  ______________________________________________________
Mail refund check to:                 ______________________________________________________



League official fills in below
Date board official received letter of resignation: ____________________________Board initial: __________
Registration fee collected: _____________ Minus fee: _____________ Total refund: ____________________
Signature of league president approval: _________________________________ Date: ___________________
(Send approved letter to treasurer for refund.)
Revision date: Nov 5, 2009