Youth Baseball and Softball program, boys and girls ages 4 to 18 years old.


North Valley Little League                               

Farm Division Rules






  1. The Farm Division is instructional and no standings are kept
  2. Teams can have 3 coaches on the field max and one must always be in the dugout
  3. Coaches will pitch to players in all games until April 12th. On April 12th the player pitch will begin.
  4. Games are 6 innings max or 2 hours, whichever comes first. 
  5. Home team bats in the bottom of the 6th inning, regardless of score.
  6. If after 6 innings the game is tied there are no extra innings. Game ends in a tie.
  7. Game can begin with less than 9 players.  Coaches can borrow players from opposing team. If still less than 9 players coaches can play outfield if necessary.
  8. 10 Defensive Players:  The extra player shall play in the outfield and not on the infield. The outfield position are left field, left center, right center and right
  9. Substituting on Defense: Players will be substituted on defense every inning. No player will sit on the bench for consecutive innings.
  10. Continuous Batting order: All players will bat in a continuous batting
  11. Five Run Rule:  Each inning will end with either 3 outs recorded or 5 runs scored by the offensive team
  12. There is no bunting. However, if a full swing is taken and the ball rolls in the field of play it is a fair ball.
  13. Batted balls that hit the coach during coach pitch are considered dead balls and the pitch is redone.  If a coach is hit during player pitch the ball is live like it would be with any other umpire.
  14. There is no stealing.
  15. There is no on-deck circle.  Players are not allowed to pick up a bat until it is there turn to bat.
  16. Scorebooks are kept for lineup purposes and pitch count purposes (when player pitch)
  17. If no umpires are scheduled to work a game the coach calling balls and strikes behind the pitcher or coach pitching will make all the calls at home, second and fly balls. The first base coach will call plays at first base and third base coach will call plays at 3rd base.




  1. Only managers or coaches are eligible to pitch during games.
  2. The team at bat will pitch to their own players.
  3. The batter gets 5 pitches to attempt to hit the pitched ball.
  4. Batter is out with 3 swings at a pitch.
  5. The batter will be declared out after (5) five thrown pitches
  6. Fouling on the last pitch allows for another pitch.
  7. A pitch by an adult coach that hits the batter is a dead ball and called a no pitch. The batter continues his time at bat until the batter hits the ball or has 5 pitches.
  8. Coaches will pitch at a distant where the batter is comfortable with. Coaches may pitch either overhand or underhand and may also be on one knee.




  1. Players will begin pitching in games starting on Saturday, April 11th
  2. Pitchers can pitch up to 50 pitches or 6 defensive outs (2 innings), whichever comes first.
  3. Once pitcher is removed from game, he/she cannot pitch again that game.
  4. Pitcher can pitch in consecutive games but is held to the pitch count rules stated in the “Green Rule Book” provided by Little League.
  5. Players that are league age 9 and above are not eligible to pitch
  6. Preferable to have an umpire behind the plate during these games, but if not the defensive team coach will stand behind the pitcher and call the balls and strikes.
  7. Pitcher will pitch from the 38’ mark. (About 5 feet in front of current pitching rubber) However, if both managers agree a player may pitch closer to home plate from that mark depending on player size.
  8. Player will pitch to batter until ball is in put in play, strike out or 4 balls occur. There are no walks. If 4 balls occur the coach will come in and pitch up to 3 balls. If after the 3rd pitch the ball is not in play the batter is out. If the 3rd pitch is fouled the player will get another pitch as long as pitches are fouled off. Taking or missing a 3rd pitch or beyond will result in the player being out. There are no exceptions or modifications allowed to these rules.
    1. Note that when the coach comes in to pitch the strikes from player pitch do not carry over.
  9. Players cannot advance anymore bases once the ball is within 10 feet of the pitching mound. Exception to this rule is there must be one defensive play before the batter-runner has reached first base. At the time the pitcher has control of the ball and within 10 feet of the pitcher's mound; any runner that has advanced more than half the distance to 2nd, 3rd or home base shall be awarded that base.