Youth Baseball and Softball program, boys and girls ages 4 to 18 years old.


North Valley Little League                               

T-Ball Division Rules




  1. The TBall Division is a beginner division and purely instructional and is solely about having fun and learning a little about baseball
  2. No outs are recorded and no score is kept
  3. Length of game is 3 innings or 90 minutes. Games that start late on Saturday are subject to stop for the next game scheduled.
  4. Teams can have 3 or more coaches on the field and one must always be in the dugout.
  5. All players play in the field on defense.
  6. There is no catcher in tball
  7. Coaches are allowed to be in the defensive field with the players to help them
  8. Batting Lineup: All players will bat each inning
  9. There is no on-deck circle and no bats may be picked up before player is called to bat.
  10. Balls hit in the infield will allow all base runners to advance (1) one base
  11. Balls hit into the outfield will allow all runners to advance (2) two bases
  12. If a batter is out on the play, he/she can remain on the base
  13. All Players will hit off the tee until the designated time selected by the Player Agent for tball.
  14. Coach pitch can begin on Saturday April 11th.  Players must hit off the tee until that date, no exceptions
  15. During coach pitch, the player can choose to hit off the tee instead of being pitched to.
  16. Coach can pitch over hand or underhand to player from distance that is comfortable
  17. Batter will receive 4 pitches to hit the ball. If after the 4th pitch the ball is not in play, the batter will immediately hit from the tee.
    1. Only if the 4th pitch, and any pitch thereafter, is fouled can the batter receive another coach pitch. Taking or missing a 4th pitch or beyond will result in going to the tee.