Youth Baseball and Softball program, boys and girls ages 4 to 18 years old.

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  1. Managers and Coaches: All managers and coaches must be 18 years or older.  They must be registered and approved by their respective Board of Directors.  Managers and coaches must dress appropriately (no tank tops, cutoff shorts, and sandals or what the board may deem not acceptable attire).
  2. Minimum playing time is nine defensive outs and one at bat. Infraction of this rule will be reported to the league president and player-agent. Umpires will remind managers to get their players in by the 4th inning. This is not a protest-able call. Player-agent will ensure that the player start the next game and play what is owed to the player plus his minimum play. President should take action on any of their managers who abuses this rule.
  3. Ejection of a manager or coach must leave the field immediately and take no further part in that game. The umpire(s) have the discretion to stop the game until the manager or coach has left the field. Any ejection is an automatic suspension of the team’s next played game. If at the next played game the suspended manager/coach is seen watching the game the coach is said to have not serve his or her suspension and will serve the suspension at the next game played. Umpire will file a report to all 3 board league presidents. The Board of whom the manager or coach belongs too will review the cause of the ejection and may be grounds for a more severe penalty, up to and including suspension for the remainder of the season. The league president will inform the other league what actions have been taken.
  4. Un-sportsman-like conduct: Any physical contact or verbal abuse by a manager, coach, or player toward an umpire, teammate or to the other team will be automatically ejected from the game. Manager, coaches or players throwing or abusing equipment will not be tolerated and will be subject to ejection from the game. All ejections will be at the umpire's discretion.
  5. Game Time: Schedule games will start at game time. If after 15 minutes the game has not been started, at the discretion of the umpire, a league official or both managers when no umpire or league official are available, the game will be called and will go into scorebook as postponed for possible forfeit or rescheduling.
  6. Postponed Game:
    1. Postponed game due to weather or situations uncontrollable by the league during regular season will be rescheduled at the next available field date. 48 hours notice will be given to the managers. Report all rainouts to Karen Walters for rescheduling.
  7. Postponed Game Forfeit condition:
    1. Scorebook need to be annotated as to why the game is forfeited. List the players that showed up and those that were absent. The umpire will sign the scorebook to make it official. If no umpire is available both managers need to sign the scorebook.
      1. Condition 1: If one team does not have enough players to start a game, the game will be scored 6-0 win for the opposing team.
      2. Condition 2: If both teams at game time do not have enough players both teams forfeit the game. The score goes into the official scorebook as a 0-0 forfeit.
  8. Incomplete game: Game stop with less than 4 innings played, will be reschedule to be played at the next available date with 48 hours notice. Game should not be rescheduled for the next time the teams meet due to game time restraint place on the minor division.
  9. Nine Players to Start Game: Must have 9 players to start and play during the game.
  10. Borrowed Players: Minor teams may borrow players from the opposing team or a player from the same division if the team does not have enough players at the start of a game.
    1. Borrowed players may not pitch in that game.
    2. The opposing team in good sportsmanship will allow the other team to borrow players.


  1. Game Time Limits: Weekday games 5:30-8:00pm: Games will start at 5:30pm with no new inning starting after 2 ½ hours from start of game at BLL, 2:15 at NV and 2 hours at Milpitas. If game is called for darkness and the home team is ahead the win goes to the home team. If the home team is behind then the score will revert to the last completed inning. 
  2. NV and Milpitas Weekend games will start at the schedule time and play a maximum of 6 innings or 2-1/2 hrs. No new innings will start after 2:15 hrs if there is a scheduled game to follow. After the 2:15 hr time limit and if the home team is ahead in the bottom of the last inning the game ends.
  3. BLL Weekend Games will play 6 innings, no new inning will start 3 hours after start if there is a game scheduled to follow. After the 3 hr time limit and if the home team is ahead in the bottom of the last inning the game ends


  1. The managers may delegate this duty to an approved adult coach or an approved adult volunteer as long as both managers agree. No games will be postponed or rescheduled because of having no umpires for the game.
  2. Any protest will be a clarification of a game rule and must be settle before the next pitch.
  3. Maximum Innings Played: Minor games will only play 6 innings max during regular season games. If the game is tied at the end of 6 innings the game will be scored as a tie in the scorebook.
  4. Pitching Rule: Pitch count rules from green book in affect.
  5. PITCHING AFFIDAVIT: Each team will have a pitching affidavit. The pitching affidavit will be presented to the official scorekeeper. The official scorekeeper will document the pitch count. Both the Umpire and scorekeeper will sign the affidavit and return the document to the manager at the end of the game. A game cannot start if both teams cannot produce the current pitching affidavit. Failure to provide the affidavit will result in a forfeit. Games will not be rescheduled.
  6. Tenth Player: Managers have the option to place a 10th defensive player on the field. The 10th player must play an outfield position. There will be no buck short position (behind second base).
  7. Five Run Rule: During regular season play the Five-Run-Rule per inning is in affect. After five runs have scored then all play will stop ending the inning and the side retired. After 4 complete innings – in the top of the 5th, the Five-Run-Rule is not in affect. This will be revisited mid-season to determine impact.
  8. Ten Run Rule: The ten run rule is in effect. If a team is up by more than 10 runs after 4 complete innings (3.5 if the home team is ahead) the game shall be called.
  9. Continuous Batting Order: A continuous batting order will be played. The entire roster will be entered in the scorebook as the official batting order.
  10. Substituting: Rule 4.04 is in effect…players may be sub in and out defensively any time as long as they will have played their minimum play of 6 defensive out by end of game. Scorekeeper must be notified of all substitutions.
  11. Tie Game Halted: If the game is stopped and the score is tied after 4 complete innings, the game is complete and is scored as a tie.



Contact info:

  1. NVLL: Heidi Derueda phone 408-505-9806 email

(2) BLL Karen Walters phone 408-656-3496, email:

                     (3) MNLL: Jessica Leffler 408-667-2194 email